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Most people who are registered in PTC have this question: How to get direct referrals? really if it is a little difficult to get because most people who are in the world of PTC is already registered and the other people who know nothing of the PTC simply do not believe in it.


Notice how every day Increase the Ganancias¡¡¡ Start Making Money Now !!! Get many referrals for Neobux FREE and start earning dinero.Con Autocadena-Neobux you'll be able to get a good number of referrals for Neobux assets in a manner fully FREE. All you need to invest are 5 minutes a day.
To understand the purpose of Autocadena-Neobux is necessary to know that Neobux is and how it works. Neobux is a PTC (Paid To Click) of the best known, its operation is you register (with the link you will see below) you log in and see ads, you pay $ 0.01 per ad viewed and $ 0.01 per ad they see your referrals, how many more referrals you obtain greater your benefits. All we know these systems know that to make money with these systems the most important thing is to have referred ASSETS but the gains are rather poor discouraging our referrals to continue and reaching discourage ourselves. With autocadenas your referrals will be very active because they know they will get in turn referred assets, most inactive users of these systems do not have referrals (maybe you're one of them). Is not that you would become active if you saw that you referral list grows and grows? But even though many of these systems such Neobux just bring you profits for referrals if you were active that day, there's the key to being active (and turn your referrals are active). It is very important to have a good list of referrals and that they are active, if you have referrals or are not active are likely to finish yourself becoming a more inactive.
All this has created Autocadena-Neobux, to join Autocadena-Neobux not only going to get FREE a good number of referrals but also your referrals in turn also get a good number of referrals, and best of all, all these referrals through Autocadena-Neobux be fully active because they will know with certainty that they will get referrals and their referrals in turn will be equally active because they will have the same security to get turn their referrals. Simply follow the instructions and start earning money with Neobux.¿Como works Autocadena-Neobux?
Autocadena-Neobux bases its operation on duplication system, in this case duplication of links to Neobux, you add your link once to the system, and soon you promote your link will be automatically duplicated many times.

Who can participate in Autocadena-Neobux?
Those who already belong to Neobux and those who do not belong to Neobux and thanks to the power of duplication can know Autocadena-Neobux Neobux and operation, adhering to the Autocadena-Neobux. To participate in Autocadena-Neobux copy and save all the text of this letter in your notebook, having added your link published this letter in forums, free ads, post etc. with your link added with the title: "Autocadena-Neobux, gets many referrals free."
Difference between Autocadena-Neobux and a conventional chain.
Conventional chains require for their participation in, be referred in the chain to participate, asking even if you are already registered in the program for which was created the chain you know disenrolled from the program losing benefits and you have won and then re-register in the program as referred to in the chain.
Besides a conventional chain requires the supervision of at least one person who although at first does not involve too many problems, they increase as it grows chain, reaching a point where it is quite difficult for the supervisor to control who is entitled to the following referrals, in addition to handling high traffic mails, new users of the chain first ask the supervisor via email the link for which should refer in the chain, then they must send the supervisor a link to the payment schedule given to get referrals, the supervisor must monitor and save these links and then give them to new users of the chain. Some users have even accused these supervisors to give referrals to others when they played them. Despite all this, this type of chains are really effective for a limited number of referrals.
Autocadena-Neobux With all this work is automatic, and no one monitoring is needed and the kind of typical accusations of a conventional chain is also avoided.
Nor is it necessary to join Autocadena-Neobux unsubscribe from Neobux and is perfectly compatible Autocadena-Neobux join but also belong to any other chain Neobux.
Since Autocadena-Neobux bases its operation on the power of duplicity, a greater number of participants got higher level of duplication of our link, reaching more people than many of them may already registered in Neobux and many others even have heard of Neobux, these are the people who will become your referring to end the cycle of your link.
Remember that Autocadena-Neobux bases its operation on the DUPLICATE LINKS not get referrals today, if you follow the rules Autocadena-Neobux may today not receive referrals or tomorrow either, so you'll be doing while you do not get mentioned is that your link doubling will go until it's your turn to get your question, it is at that moment when you rain down your referrals massively.
Follow the rules Autocadena-Neobux, do not try to cheat to get referrals tomorrow, you're hurting yourself and everyone. Surely you will get some referrals tomorrow if you cheat, but will be infinitely less than if you had waited your turn.
To join Autocadena-Neobux you follow these steps:
STEP 1. Copy the complete text absolutely Autocadena-Neobux, do not change anything, to be effective Autocadena-Neobux everyone should read the full text, and save it to your notebook computer or computer. (Later you'll need).
STEP 2. In the list you see just below this paragraph click on the link that is in the highest position in the list (if the link does not work copy the link and paste it into the address bar of your browser) and sign up for Neobux (if already a member of Neobux this step is not necessary) once registered in Neobux locates your link to refer users.

Position 1.
Position 2.
Position 3.
Position 4.
Position 5.
6. Position

STEP 3. Open your notebook with all the message and delete the link number 1 then passes the link number 2 to position 1, the link number 3 to the number 2 position, the link number 4 to the number 3 position , the link number 5 to the position number 4 and the link number 6 to the number 5 position, thus the link that was when you saw Autocadena-Neobux first in the number 1 position will disappear and become vacant the post number 6 adds to the number 6th place your link. (Do not forget to add http: // in front of your link).
STEP 4. From here is where the true power of autocadenas starts.
Search the Internet online forums, bulletin boards, message boards, bulletin boards, websites talks (chats), discussions, discussion groups, online communities, everything that serves to spread the message of the Autocadena and published in they aLL MESSAGE Autocadena without changing anything except your link at number 6. Do not write by hand, you would spend hours writing, just copy the contents of your notepad and paste on all these sites. Studies of this system are estimated to put 200 ads, my advice is to put several of these ads the first few days and then put 1,2 or 3 each day, so your referrals will continue to increase every day.
You can also send it to your contacts and friends, but do not spam, is annoying and it is a crime. Spam is considered to send such messages to recipients whose e-mail has reached you in one way or another and do not know or has asked you information on the subject.

It is proved that for every 200 people who see this ad type at least 15 meet. These 15 new users will do the same as you DOUBLING YOUR LINK ASI.
You send 200 ads 15 people join.
1. 15 (1) = 15 people = Your link is duplicated 15 times.
2. 15 (15) = 225 people = Your link is duplicated 225 times.
3. 15 (225) = 3375 people = Your link doubles 3375 times.
4. 15 (3375) = 50625 people = Your link is duplicated 50625 times.
5. 15 (50625) = 759375 people = Your link is doubled 759375 times.

Realistically NOT going to get at the end of your cycle 759375 referrals, this is totally impossible, but suppose you get 100 referrals (a ridiculous figure watching the level of duplication of your links). Was it worth losing 5 minutes daily?
How can you win?
Assuming that we have won those 100 referrals in a program and the program pays 0.01 cent per click or email and clicks or maximum daily emails is 4 you will be earning:
$ 0.04 for your daily clicks.
4 $ a day for the clicks of your referrals.
$ 0.04 x 30 days = 1.2 $
4 $ x 30 days = 120 $
What makes a total of $ 121.2 monthly by PTC or PTR, if you participate in autocadenas in several PTCS or Pars imagine how you can earn a month for those 5 minutes a day. Even having achieved only 10 referrals for PTC and earn $ 12 per month for PTC or PTR and will be worth participating.
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